Monday, January 13, 2014

What is the reason behind the mind corruption among youth?


In earlier days of 21st century, youth were normal minded and well learned. But, due to peer pressure and technological advances, the mentality of youth about marriage, sexual life and pre martial sex changed. The movies, the youth admire most, in recent years are mostly sex appealing ones than the conventional ones. It’s disappointing that everybody, now days are ready for skin exposure than before. It has been common to include skin exposing scenes in every movie and ads for its promotion sake. The conventional movies were family oriented and many preferred to watch them in theatre with family. But now, universal certified movies are very rare and many are not family oriented ones. Aged actors dancing around teenage heroines are becoming a trend and all are accepting the same.

In olden cinemas, many actors played universal roles which were highly good. But now days the trend has changed, movies are contaminated. Every movie will have a romance, intimate scenes, which spoil the young mind and it has lead to many queries and youth found an answer for them. They don’t consider what they do as wrong, but follow them. To the modern youth, sex is just another activity which makes them feel good. They don’t consider it as wrong as the society is accepting the same through media. Many health issues are occurring and youth mind has been diverted. Young India must focus on the development rather than entertaining themselves with material life.

One can’t blame anybody else, other than youth, for their changing minds. But, it is also the atmosphere of youth, which spoils them. The launch of pubs and discotheques has made an impact among the young generation.   Every search engine do contain an immoral ad and every festivals are now days celebrated in theatres, pubs and hotels rather than with families.

Lifestyle has changed and everything which was once considered traditional got changed to casual. The only way to change the future young generation is to change the cinemas, ad, media and trending skin exposing of actors. One must remember that beauty is not in the skin, but in mind and the intimacy should happen only between two people and it must not be shown to others.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

My life

Let thy love thyself
and be a free bird
with no controls in wings
to go in all ways of life

No one to control does help
to take wise decision at times
and helps to be independent
in life and stay with glory

Let hard work be thou pal
and books be thy company
in life to help you become
successful at the end

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feelings of mind

I feel disturbed,
I feel lonely,
I couldn’t find its cause
and I am failing
I thought of my past
worries, woes and smiles
made me wonder on life
I thought of my present
grief is on my head
I’m afraid of my future
and what a pity it is!
never could I have
change those times, but
I feel I can bring a change
from now on in my life


Rain is like a tear from cloud
which drop on earth
to make the land content
with moisture

Rain is a spherical droplet
which drop on earth
to make ones mind please
with its beauty

Rain is a source of pure water
which drop on earth
to save millions of lives
with it

Rain, billions of water droplets
which drop on earth
to help the Mother Nature
stay in green

Friday, July 9, 2010

The happenings in this world

What to think of
In this dreadful world
To achieve something
Or protect an earth
Filled with sins?
Life in earth has changed
Coz of people live by
And their evil activities;
Human life are ruining
And people run for some thing
That is not good for many
Is there god to see all these?
Or is the god, just a belief?
Everything is hidden and
All seem to be awful locks
Of secrets with no keys to open.

Women power

Women, beautiful creation of God
born on earth not to sacrifice
but lead the men and people
to the gateway of success.

Women, not the slave of men
is meant to save the world
with power and mental strength
which men lack in him.

Women, the power mustn’t misused
but raise it for the victory
and protect this dreadful world
from the black hands of evil.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Never fall in love

Love is like a trap which
make you flat like map
it is like a cat which
make you fear like rat

Love can change you and
make you forget all
It is like a mystery which
make you feel like ecstasy

Love can turn two happy but
make others into misery
it is like a drug which
make one addicted

Love is always like a story
which often end in tragic
it is like a darkness which
make you feel lost forever